GE Refrigerator Clicking Noise From Back

Newer style GE refrigerators all use a motherboard on the back side of the refrigerator to control most of the functions on the refrigerator.  If you start to hear a constant "clicking" sound every few seconds coming from the back side of the refrigerator, the motherboard might have failed.  Pull the refrigerator out while it is still making the noise and listen to where the sound is coming from.  You should see a panel on the back of the refrigerator, behind this panel is the control board (make sure not to touch the control board while the refrigerator is plugged in, you may get shocked or electrocuted).
Behind this panel is the control board.
WR55X10942 Cover
If the noise seems to be coming from the control board, then the control board has failed and it will need to be replaced.  GE does not sell replacement parts for the control board, so the whole control board must be replaced if there is a problem with the control board.  When the control board fails it can cause the refrigerator not to run or cool.  It also controls the water dispenser, fan motors, and more.  Most of the GE & Hotpoint refrigerators use part number WR55X10942 control board.  Some higher end GE model refrigerators with variable speed compressors use part number WR49X10152 for the control board.  Replacing the motherboard is easy, and only takes about 15 minutes.
If your motherboard has failed and is making a click noise, click the link below to purchase a new one:
GE Main Control Board - WR55X10942
WR55X10942 Motherboard
GE Main Control Board - WR49X10152 (used on variable speed compressor models)
WR49X10152 Motherboard
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